w e l c o m e
    l e a r n
     e x p e r i e n c e
       l i s t e n
      v i e w
     c o n n e c t
eric komar

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Todah Torah (2013)

“Loved the whole package: The selection of songs, the production,
and the wonderful writing!”
- Craig Taubman

“I really enjoyed it. Several songs I will use immediately with young children. Nice blend of repetition and call and response - both great tools for getting children to learn and participate.” - Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Produced by Scott Leader, Brick Road Studio

Ripples (2011)

“An amazing piece of work that pushes the envelope in an innovative way and raises the bar!” - Jon Nelson

“Has a lovely intelligence to it. While mindful of what came before, the style
is very much of today ...”
- Michael Isaacson

Produced by Scott Leader, Brick Road Studio

Two Life (2007)    Featuring Peter & Ellen Allard!

“The programming/arrangements are superb and really are very hip sounding.
Kol hakavod on a terrific job!”
- Beth Schafer

“A fantastic album … It has enough depth to keep me interested on repeated listens.” - Rabbi Larry Milder

Produced by Josh Nelson

Notes from the Underground (2003)

“It's really refreshing to hear such nice, new music in the Jewish world …
a killer CD!!!”
- Rick Recht

“Wonderful. The musicians, the arrangements, the compositions … all really top notch!” - Merri Arian, Director of Music, Synagogue 2000, HUC-JIR

Produced by Josh Nelson